As a young and dynamic company, we value opportunities for learning, thinking creatively, and strive for work-life balance. 
We are about giving your best and celebrating our successes.

Challenging career
The pace of change within the fashion industry is unrelenting. At Lfplaza, you will constantly be challenged with new ideas and required to innovate yourself in order to stay relevant.
We value employees who are team players and enjoy collaborating with others to reach a common goal.
Lfplaza is a diverse and multicultural workplace environment. We welcome talent from different backgrounds who can inject fresh ideas and perspectives to expand our capabilities and make us stronger.
Work-life balance
We believe your family and social life has a profound influence on your work performance. Lfplaza encourages employees to minimize excessive overtime by being productive during working hours. We are also considerate that family emergencies and important events may require time off.
Training and development
We provide training and development opportunities to different level of employees to improve technical and soft skills. You have the chance to explore your talents working with different departments. In addition, we offer internship programs for local and oversea talents to explore their future career.