As a young and dynamic company, we value opportunities for learning, thinking creatively, and strive for work-life balance.
We are about giving your best and celebrating our successes.

Accounting & Finance
We are the controllers, focus on monitoring the important assets of the company, planning and forecasting our business structure, helping the company to step forward safely.
Business Development & Sales
We explore the new market to connect the right customers worldwide. Also, we persist in providing a superior customer services to our valuable customers. We hope our customers will have a valuable shopping experience by delivering professional and high quality services.
Creative & Design
We are innovative and passionate in luxury fashion. We aim to move faster than the market, revolutionize it and make our own trend to empire our customer. By discussing with some new ideas and work together to transform the ideas to graphics, presenting products in a creative way.
Human Resources
We aim to build up the great teams and fantastic work atmosphere. We attempt to search for the right talents worldwide who is fitting for working in a dynamic and diverse environment, and provide fully support to our team for long term development and achieving our goal.
E – Commerce & Information Technology
We develop various channel to make sure seamless shopping for worldwide customer. We cooperate together and strive for developing various channel providing a smooth, secure and stable system to keep customer convenient.
Procurement & Operations
As procurement team work hard on sourcing materials and goods from supplier worldwide, they will coordinate with operations team for better inventory management.