Lfplaza Group is a diversified luxury and designer fashion business. We are involved in the wholesale, distribution and retail of high-end luxury and designer brands for clothing, bags, shoes, and other accessories. The Group is also active in design, marketing and sales services for designer brands.

The historical business was founded in 1990s as a producer and manufacturer of leather fashion accessories to European and North American brands in Hong Kong, and was also engaged in the operation of designer fashion franchises in South China. Leveraging off the expertise of our heritage, the business transitioned into a luxury and designer fashion importer in 2012.

In the last decade, profound disruptions in the fashion industry, the evolving refinement of regional markets, together with rising affluence, has fuelled the diffusion of demand across designer fashion brands. The sophistication of diverse social mood and the tyranny of geography has established a new class of innovative, independent, multi-brand fashion retailers as effective sales channels to the end-consumer over traditional sales channels.

Lfplaza helps brands connect with the small-to-medium retailers and other customers that are operationally and logistically difficult for establish a foothold or manage. Our business leverages off an exemplary retail network to access niche markets and create sales channels for fashion brands. With a diversified team of talented people, we are always challenging how we can stay both creative and competitive.

Our dedication to introduce to our clients exquisite selections based on an understanding of the market allows us to constitute a depth of reliability and trust that drives our company’s growth year after year.



The Group is committed to long-term sustainable business growth, supporting local organisations and charities, and initiatives that foster greater cultural awareness in Hong Kong, through sponsoring events that promote local fashion designers, artists and musicians. Lfplaza aims to facilitate and nurture the exchange of greater cultural awareness between Europe and Asia within fashion, art and history. With the culmination of all our current projects and future endeavours, we hope to influence the fashion industry in a positive direction.

The business is also a participant in the Hong Kong SAR Government's "No Fake" Scheme, which pledges to uphold the quality and 100% authenticity of the luxury fashion industry.